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In 1956 Charles W. Tate, Sr. began to prepare income taxes for family and friends. He worked out of his apartment in S.E. Washington D.C. After preparing several taxes, he realized that most of his clients were not entitled. In fact, most of them didn’t know what it meant to itemize deductions. He pondered this and later decided that this was a service that his community needed. His main objective was to inform his clients on all benefit tax deductions.

With that in mind, he seriously became involved in preparing income taxes. First, he brushed the ever-changing tax laws and took some formal training, so he would be able to offer his clients the best possible services.

It did not take long for the word to get out that Mr. Tate was the “tax man” in the neighborhood. Along with his day job and trying to raise a family of five, he had his work cut out for him. Soon he realized he was not going to make it happen if he did not get some help. That’s when his two elder sons came to his rescue at the ripe old age of 12 and 13. William E. and Charles Jr., also known as “Billy” and “Ricky” took the task of maintaining quality control and double-checking their father’s computations, and soon began processing income taxes on their own. This made Charles Sr. very happy, since it insured that the business would stay in the family and in the community. This is when the business was named---“Charles W. Tate Sr. and Sons Tax Service”. The business grew from word of mouth and the reputation of the excellent services that the Tates provided. The business has operated in several locations in D.C. before moving to its current location in Marlow Heights, MD.

In January 1992 Charles W. Tate Sr. passed, and his sons continued his legacy by forming Tate, Tate and Tate Tax Service. Collectively the three Tates had over 60 years of service. Jerome S. Tate, youngest son, has a B.S Degree in Business Administration and Accounting and has expanded to a staff of 25 to include Tajuana Tate and Katrina Tate after the passing of the elder son Charles W. Tate Jr. in December 2002.


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